Monday, July 08, 2013

Time for a REAL change

Ah... Hello there, blog!! It's been a while.  So much has happened since I last blogged.. basically, LIFE!

I began working part time in September 2010 at a Christian preschool.  It was hard, but I decided to give it another shot in September 2011.  Let's just say, things did NOT work out. Long and unimportant story.  Remember, one door closes- another door opens!  In December 2011, I became a primary specialized assistant in a local elementary school. AGAIN, let's just say things didn't work out how I'd HOPED, but that door surely opened a WONDERFUL door.  Currently, I am teaching full time at Hurffville Elementary School- 5th grade science and writing.  I.LOVE.IT!  It keeps me busy, though, for sure!  LOTS of planning and learning the current system for teacher evaluation, understanding the procedures of the school, meeting new people, making new friends:  IT IS ALL GOOD!

So, in these past few years, I've allowed myself to become very out of shape.  I actually thought about it last week after some nudging from my little brother!  I have tried SO many "programs" over the past 10 years!  I was on Atkins working out at home.  I joined CURVES, L.A. Fitness and had a trainer there.. (that was HORRIBLE! I'd NEVER recommend that for anyone!) I've tried Weight Watchers MULTIPLE times, and last year even tried the HCG diet supervised by my doctor with the promise that I could in fact lose the weight I needed and not put it back on.  Neither were true.  I lost about 20 pounds, but put on about 5-6 when I was done.  I actually, in the middle of it, lost about 30, but gained WHILE on the HCG, which is NOT supposed to happen, but it did.  Before that, I tried Metagenics Cleanse.  OY.. THAT was tough! NO RESULTS!

ALL of this left me very frustrated and still FAT and out of shape.  Most recently, I joined Planet Fitness.  This is cheap, but there's no instruction.  You really have to know your stuff to go there because they really do leave you alone.  Again, NOT good for me.  My confidence is absolutely SHOT and completely flushed down the toilet. :( (sad face, pity party, now!)

Recently, my oldest daughter graduated from high school. What a wonderful thing!  With this life event, several out of town family members came to help us celebrate including my 88-year-old grandmother and my Aunt Sue from Florida, and my little brother, Russ, from California.  Russ and his family are in GREAT shape and eat very healthily.  He's tried in the past to counsel me and help, but I was totally overwhelmed.  OH... I forgot to mention our "issues" in our house.

At age 5, my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies- LEGUMES such as peas, soy, peanuts; grapefruit; corn, coconut.  STINKS.  THEN my middle daughter was diagnosed with food sensitivities to milk and eggs. THEN, about 1 1/2 year ago, I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE food allergies: Milk, yogurt, goat milk, beef, eggs, oats, glutens, shrimp(and other shellfish).  Talk about overwhelming.  At the same time, I discovered that my entire body is completely misaligned and I have a lot of necrotic tissue in my right let.  All of this pretty much shut me down.

So, now let's get back to my daughter's graduation.  My brother came without his family and while I REALLY did miss my sister-in-law and nephews, it was great to spend time with him.  Then, on Sunday, he asked if there was some place where he could use a bar for pull ups.  I suggested Washington Lake Park.  He wanted to get in his W.O.D.  (Secretly, I chuckled at this for some time... WOD)  It means, Workout of the Day. You see, he is a Cross Fit level 1 trainer. (I'm not 100% sure what level one means, but I know he is VERY fit!)  In 2011 he tried to teach me about the Zone approach to eating, but I was too much in the middle of a major pity party and way too overwhelmed by life at that point to even consider a lifestyle change like that.

However, something really special happened that Sunday.  Russ invited me to workout with him.  WHOA...  I didn't go, but it did prompt me to investigate.  He helped me research and find a local Cross Fit gym.  He's been coaching me through a lot of the process and yesterday, I fully participated in the Zone.  I must admit I was very touched that my athlete brother invited his chubby middle-aged-wife-mom-teacher  sister to work out with him.  He promised he could "scale" any routine.  I was a little intimidated that day and didn't go, but had my hiney in a CrossFit gym on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

I'll admit it- I'm PETRIFIED.  I also do NOT like NOT being the one who knows.  I'm driving everyone crazy trying to read and learn and understand.  I'm committing for July to do 2 classes/ week and then in August, 3 classes.  I may need to drop down in September b/c of work, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So, publicly, Thanks Russ and thank you to his wife Verlana. Both have answered every single question and been available to me this past week.  Truly, I'm sure I have been a royal PAIN!! :)

Here's where I'm going:

Today I'm supposed to learn Hand Stand Push UPS.. ME... lol.  Can you imagine?

I'm feeling determined!

If you have any interest in Cross Fit, you can research  A TON of information online.  I've read multitple articles and blogs.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Be blessed and be a blessing, friends!

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