Tuesday, July 09, 2013

And the Journey Continues

So today is day three on the  Zone approach to eating.  I am feeling a tad bit cranky and sore because I did my CrossFit class yesterday! (It's ALL GOOD!)

I have a lot to learn regarding the ZONE and am also very interested in the Paleolithic approach.

I bought the book: Entering the Zone by Barry Sears

In addition, this doc and this site are helpful:



Bad News/ Good News

The bad news is that I'm pretty weak and pretty slow and really sweat A LOT.  I coughed and sputtered when I ran, but I did it.  I only did two rounds of the warm up when everyone else did three, but I DID it!

The good news, is that with scaling, I was able to complete the workout.  I didn't finish as much of the warm up as everyone else, but still, it is the MOST exercise I've had in a while despite that!

I really hope to improve my speed, my strength, and my agility.  The good news is that I should shed these nasty extra pounds from ugly fat stores as a result of eating balanced and participating in CrossFit!

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