Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daily Deliverance

I wrote this a LONG time ago and never published it.  VERY timely for these times!

So, today is a beautiful sunny day. Chirping birds and fluttering winged insects flitter and soar about outside without a care in the world. The Lord comments on this. Why should we worry when we have evidence that he takes care of even the tiniest of creature? If He does this, why wouldn't He take care of us? I think that many people get this confused with "the good life". Sadly, so many people think that their good deeds are what God notices. They are good and all are planned according the His plan, but that is not what gets us into heaven. WHAT???? CAN IT BE??? Being a good person is impossible. None of us is good at heart. The bible even says that in this life we will have trouble! The difference is that Jesus promises to ALWAYS be with us to see us through. Some day, for those who believe that Jesus is the way, we will live the "good life" with Him. NOT NOW! Trials and tribulations come to strenghten us. Like a child being corrected, our Father in heaven must correct us and thus sometimes He does allow things to happen to us. Sometimes bad things happen just simply because this is a fallen-world. This is the devil's domain! The good news is that Jesus had triumphed and we can get through each day by His grace through our faith in Him.

That's not to say that some days are definitely harder than others. We are creatures of sin and we fall prey to the lies of the evil one. Peering through the darkness, though, a Christ-follower can always see light, even if it is far off in the distance. Each day, hour, minute, second, the light grows as we learn to lean on the Lord until one day, we are out of the darkness and surrounded by glorious light. Paul tells us to run the race and strive for that wonderful finish line. He encourages us to jump those hurdles; sometimes, we'll trip and fall, but we MUST get back up and finish the race. Remember, Jesus promises to always be with us. He will help brush off the pebbles and dirt and carry us to the finish line. Isn't that wonderful! We can do it.

In all things rejoice! I say again, REJOICE!

None of us enjoy the terrible things that happen or the rude mean things that people say. Look to our savior as an example. He was arrested, shackled, whipped, beaten, bruised, spit upon, cursed at, accused, abandoned, mocked, laughed at, abused, tortured, pierced, dehydrated, starved, and ultimately humiliated as He hung from nails on a cross. His example should sadden us, yes, but more importantly encourage us because our Savior understands. So, remember, if the Lord can take care of the smallest insect, He will take care of us. He understands. He is with us. EMANUEL.

Be blessed today!

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